Elise’s focus is on improving new and existing spaces. At Elise Interior Design, my philosophy is that all areas connect and relate to each other – interior and exterior – so that you are left with a space that you love and connect with.

Making the right choice can be challenging – my role is to support you and find ways to resolve issues.



At Elise Interior Design, I believe all aspects of Architecture need to be considered so that the interior space is balanced from colour to material - from soft surfaces to hard surfaces.

Co-ordination of window treatments, furniture, rugs and decorative items can be tailored to identify you within your space.



Elise prides herself on providing options to you as not all jobs require all services I can provide - from design guidance through a consultation to the full-service approach using registered businesses and trades – stress-free.

Elise tailors the service to suit you and provide savings where they can be found.



This is the fun part. The finishing touches on a new home or re-styling an existing space through layering and balance of products is where Elise provides “the wow factor” Working with quality suppliers and wholesalers – savings on a product can be put towards other styling.

Whether it be a key piece or to complete an area – sourcing is taken care of.



The primary focus is on improving existing spaces by clearly defining your requirements to provide a design concept with a clear vision for you and the project. Elise can create mood boards using 3D computer generated drawings to showcase the space, as well as pictorial computer imagery and textures and fabrics where required. This enables my clients to confirm and understand the direction and concept of the project.

Mood boards are a fantastic tool if you are wanting to purchase products as and when you can – and to help you have a clear direction when purchasing any given product.



Kitchen and bathroom design are the areas that normally add the most value to your home. These are well-used spaces and need to be well designed and highly functional. Elise works with quality tradespeople to provide a clean and concise design that suits your needs within the interior space.

On time, on budget.



Providing a variety of options working with you every step of the way throughout the build or on a consult by consult basis. When it is your home you want to get it right – having ongoing support along the way gives you security and flexibility.

Alternatively, a pre-start package can be provided which covers all your builder’s requirements and documentation, all fixed finishes and colours -  done and dusted. It can be quite challenging making all decisions up front or you just may not have the time – but knowing you’ve made the right choice ensures relief to then sit back and watch the build.



Renovation or refurbishment can add value to your existing home.  Offering advice on where to start and give you guidance and knowing the areas that add value.

Elisa considers all aspects of carrying out a renovation/refurbishment.  Taking you through the process, and avoid the stress involved – I've got it covered. Plenty of planning, preparation and communication is key to a smooth job.



This is not the most exciting part but establishing a budget is imperative to keeping a project on track. Elise provides cost estimates, feasibility studies and negotiates costs with suppliers to carry out the work. Breakdown costs are completely transparent so there are no surprises. Depending on your project it is Elise’s normal practice to provide a range of cost options for products and furnishings to give you the ultimate choice of where you want to be.



Achieving the best possible result through concise and detailed documentation avoids any costly mistakes or miscommunication to suppliers and trades. Having knowledge in construction and interior spaces enables Elise to provide all of the trades with their requirements and to coordinate how they work together. Detailed drawings are provided accordingly.



Elise has collaborated with a number of trusted and registered trades to formulate an incredible team of people to carry out any work required. From suppliers to cabinet makers to architects to finance companies to settlement agents – Elise can pull together whatever team you may need.



The path to great design can be quite complex. The less glamorous process involves co-ordinating appropriate permits, effectively communicating with trades people and suppliers – and most importantly, in the correct order. Using quality and registered trades will avoid any costly mistakes. With experience in the process from start to finish, Elise will oversee the job to completion.


Window Treatments

Window treatments such as quality curtains, shutters or blinds can make a major difference to the outcome of your project. Window treatments, especially in a new home tend to be a consideration toward the end of a build but to achieve an amazing job they need to be considered at the beginning.



Working with specialist upholsterers and fabric wholesales, I can help revive furniture from statement chairs to bed heads. Whether it be existing or a new piece, I will help source the right fabric and finish the piece so it looks amazing in your space. 


  • When building a new home I was faced with many decisions – Elise helped put clarity between the design of the home and the budgetary constraints to make my house look amazing and perform the required function for a young family. Being able to contact Elise during the build for advice took the headache out of building.

    Thank you, thank you!
  • Thank you so much for your patience, hard work and dedication Elise. We still have a long way to go, but with your concepts and expertise we now have a clear direction. Styling and decorating our new home the best way was difficult until you came along and helped us bring everything together.
  • We found Elise to be very friendly, extremely knowledgeable & beyond helpful. She was easy to talk to, listened carefully to our needs, gave us some great recommendations along the way & tailored a design solution to suit us & our home. I would highly recommend Elise & look forward to working with her again in the future
    Kacey & Mark.
  • Elise helped us with product choices and the design of our ensuite. She was warm and professional, and I really enjoyed the day out we spent at the shops. My ensuite looks amazing, a real showpiece. she comes highly recommended, and I will definitely be using her again.