Hillarys Case Study

The Client.

The client contacted me through the website asking if I could help design their new home to be more modern & fit for growing teenagers. This home was purchased to carry the family & children through their teenage years and required all of their furniture and decor to coincide with the key pieces of artwork they were bringing with them from their old home.

The new house consisted of neutral tones which made it glary when the appropriate furnishings weren’t there. This provided a blank canvas to work with, which was very enjoyable & gave the client a wide range of design options to choose from.

My role was to ensure that the client chose furnishings & décor which fit the new style of the house scheme and created a space that was family-friendly without compromising on style. 

The Rooms. (Upper Study, Living Area, Dining Room & Master Bedroom)

As both parents ran their businesses from home they required two offices. This meant that one of the bedrooms was converted into a study. By custom building a Hamptons style desk and shelving unit, we kept the theme of the house consistent & ensured the space was useful as well as aesthetic.

By using a variety of greys, whites & tan colours as well as different textures & lighter timbers we were able to balance the style of the house with the existing timber flooring & artwork.

Throughout the Master Bedroom and dining room we utilised the client's existing neutral tones and worked in creams, greys & texture to add depth and eye-catching elements to the space.

As the client enjoys tropical Bali-styled decor we were also able to blend tribal elements throughout the rooms to tie the client to their home.

The Solution.

After undergoing the initial consultation we were able to identify the useful & unnecessary items in each room. After doing so we removed all clutter improve the size of the space. In the study, unattractive items were concealed but still easy to reach in case the client needed them & with their new Hamptons style cabinetry, they could work efficiently in their second study without compromising on style.

By using digital visual image boards and 3D concepts I was able to show the client how their custom-built cabinetry would look before we built it. We showed how both the cabinets, desk & decor would complement each other & help improve space & efficiency.

I always provide a few visual concepts to the client to help with ideas and inspiration as the focus always comes back to thow they connect with the space. We wanted to ensure they received a visually stunning home that their family could use and were happy with. 

Once the project was completed we sat down with the client again and made sure that everything was to their liking. We made some small updates to decor and colours which helped the client to feel more connected with their new rooms and also provided aftercare and advice when the client wanted help choosing colours for a spare bedroom. 

End Result

We were able to increase the amount of light each room received by updating the furniture and colour scheme and improved space with custom-built cabinetry and strategic placement of items. The addition of textures brought warmth and comfort to each room and the Hamptons style complemented the artwork the clients had brought with them. 

The changes provided a clean & contemporary look, balanced by layered fabrics, white concrete, hide rugs, light timbers & coloured artwork. The elements of stone, timber metals and fabrics helped to balance the home. 

As the furniture was purchased together it kept the flow and we always had the vision of what we were trying to achieve in mind. By using visual image boards we were able to stay on track and not deviate from the final design.

Our planned approach and strategic partnerships with suppliers helped the client save money on decor which could have gone to waste and furniture which would have been more expensive had they tried to design the rooms on their own.

The clients felt as though their dream was complete – furnishing a home from scratch is a costly exercise but with the help of Elise Interior Design they were guided through the process and we're left with a beautiful home to relax and entertain.


  • When building a new home I was faced with many decisions – Elise helped put clarity between the design of the home and the budgetary constraints to make my house look amazing and perform the required function for a young family. Being able to contact Elise during the build for advice took the headache out of building.

    Thank you, thank you!
  • Thank you so much for your patience, hard work and dedication Elise. We still have a long way to go, but with your concepts and expertise we now have a clear direction. Styling and decorating our new home the best way was difficult until you came along and helped us bring everything together.
  • We found Elise to be very friendly, extremely knowledgeable & beyond helpful. She was easy to talk to, listened carefully to our needs, gave us some great recommendations along the way & tailored a design solution to suit us & our home. I would highly recommend Elise & look forward to working with her again in the future
    Kacey & Mark.
  • Elise helped us with product choices and the design of our ensuite. She was warm and professional, and I really enjoyed the day out we spent at the shops. My ensuite looks amazing, a real showpiece. she comes highly recommended, and I will definitely be using her again.